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Serving those that serve us: The Veterans Center

The Veteran's Center, is nonprofit organization dedicated to reconstructing the lives of homeless, disabled, and disadvantaged veterans. The Veterans Center values families that create caring communities with the purpose of fostering needs, pinpointing life directions, and focusing on future strategizing. Through fundamental collaborations with residents, agencies, government, and businesses, we have been able to serve over 1,000 veterans within the Atlanta Metropolitan Area since our beginnings in 2008.

Our mission: We are dedicated to reconstructing the lives of potentially homeless, disabled, and disadvantages veterans.

Our vision: To alleviate personal and social issues that causes veterans to be homeless. The causes of homelessness among veterans are difficult to disentangle. The same things that predict homelessness among the general population—health issues, economic hardships, lack of affordable housing, access to support networks, and personal characteristics—also predict homelessness among veterans. However, veterans face additional challenges when trying to overcome these obstacles. Prolonged separation from traditional supports such as family and close friends, highly stressful training and occupational demands that can affect their personality, self-esteem and ability to communicate, and no transferability of skills to civilian jobs are among a few of the challenges.

Our goal is to help as many veterans as possible gain access to several services that include housing, food services, etc.. We are focused on improving the quality of life of our members, their families, and their communities by providing unparalleled solutions that focus on financial security, wellness and "Serving Those Who Have Served Us"