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The Veterans Center, Inc., was founded in 2007; with the vision of creating a brighter future by igniting military veterans in a positive direction in their communities. Working in partnership with local businesses, local government, and educational institutions; The Veteran's Center, Inc., organizes and motivates all veterans through strong principals, passion, and values. Read more...

Veteran Center Presents: VetsTalkRadio

The Veterans Center has launched a 24/7 online radio station dedicated to veterans throughout the world. We have live music, segments and much more. Please tune in by clicking here.

The Veterans Center is dedicated to assisting all veterans.

If you or your family member is in need of assistance and they are a military veteran please fill out the intake form or contact us by email or phone.

The Veterans Center has programs designed to help those in need.

"Veterans Affairs estimates show that more than 300,000 vets are homeless on any given night." The Veterans Center is doing it's part to combat this sad reality by offering programs dedicated to the concerns and needs of our vets. To find out more, click here.